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Young foreign women and men in the hospital

Just have a super busy week — my family have an operation in hospital, and I had to say the operation shake me, I just have a time to take a deep breath now.

When I in the hospital, I meet a couple of foreign women and men, the Man looks a little off-kilter, and the women have a scarf wrap the face, I say hello and help my family, for a little while, I heard the man said to me, hey, you translate for me, I find he stood beside the doctor and the doctor giving me a look, I go over and I found the doctor say the man need registration first and then she can put the ticket ID into the computer for next steps, and then the doctor give me a paper, I told the man and take him to the registration office, when waiting in the line of registration, I told the sad man, you can install a dictionary on your phone and shown your means in the dictionary, the man take out the phone and told me, I installed, but the cell phone has no electricity, I found his face is ashy, I do not know how to say, I think smile is the Esperanto in the world, then I think I have a way and I told him out of the hospital and at the right hand he can purchase a mobile phone charger. 🙂 When it is our turn in the line of registration, the official said this is just a prescription, she don’t know what need to do and use this can not finish a registration, I go back to the operation room with the man, then the doctor told me she has give a card to the man and use this card can finish the registration…, we come back to the registration office and my start to worry about my family because there have a long line and my family needing me, I came up to the front of the team and told the official, I had card now, this is a foreign friend, can we get this done first please? The kind woman look at me and say wait a moment, and another strong man put his brawny arms on my chest, 2 minutes later, I repeat my request again, the the kind woman said no hurry I am doing it for you, and then I get the registration form, we go back to the operating room and I start console and stroke my family, one hour later, I leave away the operating room with my family, I found the young man is still in the beside of the doctor, I feel a little strange and I said, Hi, are there any more thing I can help you? I found the smile like a flower blooming in his face at the time, he said no, thank you very much, I am very happy and I said loudly, hey, you are bro, and hold my family go out the room, when I come back I have a little regret that I should give some money to the man because I remember it seems I heard he mentioned he have no money, I have a super hard difficult period that I can only use $0.15 per day to struggling to survive and fortunately I survived, I know what will happen when you have no money in this age, I am sorry I was nervous and I was shocked by the operation, that’s the first time I witness the cruel operation, I hope the young woman have money and they are more luck now, we living in such an age, if a man have a temporary disaster, maybe he will lost all life and family, this is not right, we are human beings and we are in 21st century, we still can not build a social network that help people pull through from the disaster and let all people to live with dignity, as human beings, we be made as the same body but big guys told us we have so many differences and we have to waste so huge money because the big guys told us we are threat for each other, the cost can can build all nursing homes or hospital in the world, I am not your threat and you are not my threat, we are just passing traveller in this age and the world, we have the ability to build a more balanced world but we waste our resource for defense against each other…, our world have sick too and I hope we can cure it and make a better world — we have different views but we still can help each other, no matter rich or poor, we still can live with dignity, people have the same right for work hard to make his dream come true.

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