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WP Tips: in a minute, remove the “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance” message after automatic upgrade

A good guy contact me said that his site is “shutdown” and there are just a white screen with a message “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance, Check back in a minute“, but he waiting more than 1 day, the site is still shutdown and always in the Maintenance mode.

Actually this is because he setting his site as automatic upgrade mode, sometimes, maybe hosting have a little problems, for example, your wordpress just successfully removed files from your plugin folder bbpress, but did not successfully removed the bbpress folder ,  so the upgrade can not be finished. for avoid any risk, wordpress will add a maintenance file in your wordpress installation folder, only when upgrade successfully completed, wordpress will remove the maintenance file, so this is why our sites always show “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance, Check back in a minute”, because in any time, if your wordpress installation folder have the maintenance file, your site will only show “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance, Check back in a minute“.

To remove the problem, it is very easy,

1: Logged in your FTP or your CPanel,  Check plugins or themes folders and sort via time, check recent updated folder, in general, you will find some folders and files in these folder have problems, you can just remove these folder and download the official codes from wordpress.org, then upload it again.


2: Go to your wordpress installation folder, and remove “.maintenance" file.

3: Open  your front end,  you will find the site is come back


My suggestion is, if you update your site, install a coming soon or maintenance plugin, add your note and a countdown for example something we will come back about 02:15:25. So your users will know your site is maintenance and they will come back about 2 hours later. In general, a good coming soon plugin should setting your site as “503” status, which means The 503 Service Unavailable error means that the web site’s server is not available, usually due to maintenance or server overloading, this is help for your SEO.

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