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WordPress Tooltips Plugin 4.4.6 Released, Added 16 features

Hi Brothers,

I have re-developed wordpress tooltips pro plugin, in the version 4.4.6, I added 16 features:

1: We added new Options for Enable or Disable tooltips in home page, some users said they have recent posts in home page, and in the home page, there are many tooltips, for keep the home page more cleaner, they hope do not shown tooltips in home page automatically, in this version, we realized this. Of course if you hope have ability to add a few specified tooltips in home page, you can still use Tooltips Shortcode to insert tooltips manually in the home page.

2: We added new option: Show Tooltips to only one single category, you can setting show tooltips only in 1 category from a category dropdown, or show tooltips in whole site wide. tooltips shortcode is not limited so there are still have a chance to customize it manually.

3: We added a new option: Change underline style of tooltips terms, in our prev versions, underline of tooltips terms is always use style “dotted”, now you have more choices, for example double line, dotted, dashed… and so on.

4: We added new option: Change underline color of tooltips terms, via color picker, so you can customize underline color to match your theme and color schemes.

5: Now you can import your tooltips from csv, our import function will detect duplicated tooltips terms autimatically, so you do not need filter and remove tooltips terms in csv file. If you need a sample tooltips csv file, please check the file “sample.csv” in tooltips-pro folder.

6: We added two new shortcode to support wiki reference style:
6.1: , you can use it like this: [1]

6.2: Also I think if you run a wiki site, you have too many posts need to edit, so I added a short shortcode to help the editors work faster, it have the same functionality of the short code , tts means tooltips, ref means reference, you can use it like this:

7: Added new glossary shortcode [[tooltipstable]] to generate a glossary page, this shortcode will generate a glossary which have two-column table, left is term, right is content of the term.

8: Re-develop tooltip and directory js files.

9: Removed a few functions which keeped for roll back when update to new version.

10: Clean the js path and css path on the head.

11: Fixed a few css issues.

12: Use wp_register_style to load tooltips css and directory css files.

13: Use wp_register_script to load js files.

14: Caller_get_posts has been deprecated, we use gnore_sticky_posts to replace it.

15: Clean code format.

16: Improved plugin English.

We have been developing a new wordpress tooltips plugin with a few new amazing features which users requested, if you have any new ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks, have a blessings day with your family. 🙂

Best Regards,

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