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WordPress Tooltip Pro 4.2.8 released and feature introduction for tooltip shortcode

WordPress Tooltip Pro 4.2.8 released in February, 2017. I just want to thank all of our users that have been using WordPress Tooltip and have posted their problems and advices to help us continue to improve our plugin.

In WordPress Tooltip Pro 4.2.8, in order to satisfy the user requirement, we add the new important feature – Tooltip Shortcode.

Tooltip Shortcode help the users to use tooltip more flexibly, you can add tooltips to WordPress easily with the tooltip shortcode [tooltips].


Tooltips shortcode support text tooltips

[tooltips keyword="tooltips" content="Wordpress tooltips is an awesome plugin"]
Some amazing users requested that they want to add some tooltips which is not in post content, now we are happy to report you that you can use wordpress tooltips shortcode [tooltips] to add tooltips which is not in content of posts, or not in wordpress database.

Tooltips shortcode support image tooltips

[tooltips keyword='dolor' content='<img src="https://tomas.zhu.bz/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/path-1420605_1920.jpg >']
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Tooltips shortcode are also available in woocommerce, tablepress, MaxButtons, Easy Pricing Tables.

We will try our best to support more and more famous plugins.


WordPress tooltips works in WooCommerce Products
WordPress tooltips works on a button, this button generated by MaxButtons plugin
WordPress tooltips add tooltips in the table, this table generated by tablepress
WordPress Tooltips For Pricing Table




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