Hi WordPress Tooltip Glossary Users!

Hope this message find you are doing well and having happy weekend with your family 🙂

We are happy to report you that we have released a new wordpress tooltip plugin, changes in WordPress Tooltip Glossary Plugin 11.0.4:

Custom the Color of Glossary Term Link in Tooltip Box from Color Pickbox

We received a wordpress tooltip users ticket, in which he said he cannot find glossary term link in tooltip box, it is strange, we was think he did not enabled the option “Add tooltips links in tooltip popup box” in wordpress  tooltip “Optional Settings” panel, but he told us, all settings is correct, finaly, we found it is because the he setup the tooltip glossary term link color with the same color of the background of tooltip popup box, that’s why we developed a new version wordpress tooltip 11.0.4, in this version, in wordpress tooltip style panel, you will find a new option “Color of Glossary Term Link in Tooltip Box”, you can select glossary term color from the color pickbox…, more details please check here

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