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WordPress SEO plugins – The SEO Framework

Wordpress SEO plugins - The SEO Framework

WordPress SEO plugins – The SEO Framework

Many WordPress SEO plugins can provide web content analysis services, and can give the corresponding recommendations based on the analysis results. For example, whether the content contains a specific keyword, whether the contents of title and alt, and so on tags is complete, etc..

Configure a Sitemaps XML for the website, is conducive to for the website to include by search engine, this is also one of the most simple way to improve the website included speed. And some wordpress SEO plugins can help us easily solve this problem.

The SEO Framework plugin provides an automated and advanced SEO solution for your WordPress website. Easy SEO for beginners, an awesome API for experts. WordPress SEO for everyone.

The SEO Framework shows you what you can improve, at a glance With full color vision deficiency support. Hover over any of the SEO Bar’s items to see how you can improve the page’s SEO. Red is bad, orange is okay, green is good. Blue is situational.  With over 90 settings, you are in full control. Using the Default Settings and filling in the Knowledge Graph Settings and Social Meta Settings is recommended to do.

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