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Free WordPress Plugin Announcements Released

Download the announcements in here

Any question or feature request is welcome at Announcements Support Forum

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WordPress Plugin Announcements

=== Announcements ===
Contributors: zhuyi
Author URI: https://tomas.zhu.bz/
Donate link: https://tomas.zhu.bz/
Tags:announcements,announcement,dashboard, memo,note, notes, todo, user notes,admin, capabilities, dashboard,backend, author, instructions, notifications, menu, admin menu,documentation, help, support,announce, message, message box, News, warning, user, editor,co-author
Requires at least: 3.2
Tested up to: 4.7
Stable tag: 1.5
License: GPLv3 or later

When users logged in admin area, they will see announcements first, if users did not accept announcements, they can not open any menu in back end.

== Description ==
Plugin Name: Announcements<br>
Plugin Support URI: https://tomas.zhu.bz/wordpress-plugin-announcements.html/<br>

Announcements is a simple & easy-to-use solution that help you to show / edit / add / delete announcements in your admin area, if user logged in your admin area, they will see all announcements first,
if logged in users do not accept your announcements, they can not open any menu or links in your wordpress back end, the only page they can view is your announcements in back end. This plugin can help you show TOS or Notes for any users when they logged in your back end

In Announcements setting panel, you will add title, message in Announcement Message Editor, also there are options that allow users view an announcement and do not need to access the agreement, and still can open admin menu or links, all these announcements will be stored
in Announcements menu, if users open announcements menu, they will find any messages / notes you sent to them.

Announcements setting panel, you can add / edit / delete any announcements very easy.

More amazing features are being developed and any feature request is welcome.

== Installation ==

1:Upload the Announcements plugin to your blog
2:Activate it
3: You will find Announcements menu item and Announcements settings menu, just click Announcements settings menu item, you can add / edit / delete new announcements quickly.
4: Once you add a new announcements, when other users logged in admin area, they will find your announcements first, they must accepe your Announcements, else they can not do anything in your admin area
1, 2, 3,4: You’re done!

== Frequently Asked Questions ==
FAQs can be found here: https://tomas.zhu.bz/wordpress-plugin-announcements.html/

== Screenshots ==

1. Announcements Setting Panel
2. Announcements that users had to accept when they logged in

== Changelog ==
= Version 1.5 =
* Spell out that the license is GPLv3
* Finished the first version
* General code clean up

== Upgrade Notice ==
= Version 1.5 =
* Spell out that the license is GPLv3
* Finished the first version
* General code clean up

== Download ==


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