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WordPress Plugin Announcements 1.7.1 has been Released

Hi Dears,

Based on user requests, I just released a new version of wordpress plugin Announcements.

WordPress Announcements is designed for help you manage multi-users who need login and working on your wordpress admin area, for example, if your site is have multiple co-author, or you have hired a few editors / authors working for you in wordpress back end, you need  tell your authors / editors a few rules or maybe you have a few task to them, by our wordpress plugin Announcements, you can show / edit / add / delete announcements / tasks in your admin area.

If user logged in your admin area, they will see all announcements first, if logged in users do not accept your announcements, they can not open any menu or links in your wordpress back end, the only page they can view is your announcements in back end. This will help you make sure your tasks / notes always be read carefully by your co-admin or co-author, also this plugin can help you show TOS or notification for any users when they logged in your back end.

In Announcements setting panel, you will can add Announcement title, Announcement message very easy, also if you just have a few notes which is not urgent and you do not want to force your co-author or co-admin to read this kind of message, we have an option to allow users view this kind of  announcement and do not need to accept the agreement, co-author can open admin menu or links always, co-authors can always open announcements menu to read them when they have a time, all these announcements will be stored in Announcements menu, co-authors will find all messages / notes you sent to them.


In new version1.7.1, we solved the problem of “The plugin generated 22 characters of unexpected output during activation”. If you have any new version More amazing features are being developed and any feature request is welcome. 🙂


Best Regards,






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