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Undegined function mysql_pconnect error in my crawler

Posted on date Sep-21-2014 · by author  · comments Leave a Comment 

Help a good guy customized a crawler, it works good on my server, but after send the source code to him, he said the script can not work at all, it is strange, I asked access of his server and did a test, it really can not work!

I checked his error logs, in httpd logs, I found “call to undegined function mysql_pconnect”…, hmmmm…, he did not install php-mysql at all, yum install php-mysql, service httpd restart, all things works great. đŸ™‚

So if you get the error of “mysql_pconnect”, you don’t hurry to test/debug your codes, try to check logs and it will guide to find the error, by the way, my friend is really a good guy, never do evil things, I respect him. đŸ™‚

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