I just released wordpress tooltips pro 5.9.2, in this version, we start to support bullet screen effect, what is bullet screen? In some countries, for example Korean, China… and so on, a few site start to allows show text messages fly across the screen like bullets, we call it bullet screen, a example site which USA / EU / CN users like is viki.com.

How to use it? When you add / edit tooltips in tooltips standard editor at http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=tooltips, you will find a new post metabox panel “Bullet screen of this tooltip”, you can enter text messages in here, if you want enter multi text messages lists, just separated them by comma, then
when users view tooltips terms, when their mouse out the tooltips term, we will show your text messages with a bullet screen effect, If there are multi text messages lists related with current tooltips term, we will show display a random text from your text messages lists. If you do not want to show bullet screen effect, just delete it from the post metabox panel, this is just start stage, if you have any feedback, we are happy to improve it.

Features of Tooltips Pro 5.9.2:
(timed:$9 upgrade unlimited)


  • Quick load speed:everything is CSS, no image are used.
  • Easy to use: Dim-witted system, all things just need 5 seconds, you don’t need to edit older posts because tooltips works automatically, just input the content in tooltip management page one time and it will works on all articles automatically, this is really cool if you have an older blog with lots of articles, also in admin setting panels, we added tooltips for each setting options, just hover the tips, you will get guide about how to use.
  • Responsive: Our wordpress tooltips plugin works well on mobile devices
  • Show any content in tooltip box: video, audio/song, image/photo, advertising, links/text, show tooltips for nextgen gallery,Show tooltips on image,Show tooltips on button…, please check our video tooltips demo
  • Add tooltip to menu items:You can add tooltips into menu items, sub menu items(maybe not support a little themes), please move your mouse hover our menu at the top menu on http://tooltips.org.
  • Show tooltips in wordpress posts title: Please check our wordpress tooltips on title demo
  • Show tooltips in wordpress post tags: Please check our wordpress tooltips on tag demo
  • Show tooltips in wordpress archive pages.
  • Multi language/UTF8 supported: supports any alphabets/language.
  • 7 preset stylesheet and beautiful color schemes: White, Blue, Light, Dark, Red, Cream, Green.
  • Customize tooltip box: You can customization whole stylesheet in customization panel or css file easily, you can set any color, opacity, width, show method, hidden method, tooltip box shadow, customize font size of Tooltips,customize Line Height of Tooltips… for tooltip box, just a few clicks, you will create your pretty tooltips quickly, it looks like this:
    Tooltips Style Customization Panel

    Tooltips Style Customization Panel

  • Choose the color intuitively from color picker: support tooltips box backgroud color, tooltips font color, tooltips border color.
  • Change underline style of tooltips terms: For example double line, dotted, dashed, single line… and so on.
  • Change underline color of tooltips terms: Via color picker, so you can customize underline color to match your theme and color schemes/
  • Any post types and pages supported:For example, if you using wooCommerce build your store, we support wooCommerce product post type, if you using some LMS system to build your online courses, if they support custom post type, our tooltips system will works well on these LMS system automatically
  • Display the tooltip sitewide manually:In general, tooltips pro will add custom tooltips automatically for post’s content/title/tag/excerpt/gallery/menu…, based on wordpress standard APIs, this will save your time to manage tooltips, for example, when you want to change tooltips content details, you will not need to read all posts to find which page have a specified tooltips and change it one by one manually, just edit your tooltips in wordpress standard WYSWYG editor and tooltips content in all posts will be updated automatically. However, you can still add tooltips which is not in post content, you can add tooltips sitewide via shortcode [tooltips], you can find a demo at here.Also you can find demos of how to:
    Add tooltips for your WooCommerce Product
    Add tooltips in Table Cell
    Add tooltips on Button
    Add tooltips in Pricing Table
    Show Tooltips In F.A.Q
  • Multi trigger method: You can select show/hidden your tooltips when: Mouse Over, Double Click, Click, Mouse Leave, Mouse Enter, Mouse Out, Mouse Move, Mouse Up, Mouse Down.
  • Support Bullet Screen Effects: what is bullet screen? In some countries, for example Korean, China… and so on, a few site start to allows show text messages fly across the screen like bullets, we call it bullet screen, a example site which USA / EU / CN users like is viki.com, please check our demo here.
  • Option for Enable or Disable tooltips in site home page: Some themes show recent posts in home page, for keep the home page more cleaner, you can stop show tooltips in home page automatically. Of course we still keep the ability to add a few specified tooltips in home page, you can still use Tooltips Shortcode to insert tooltips manually in the home page
  • Options to disable tooltips for specified pages: when you add / edit posts or pages or products, in the top right of the tooltips editor, you will find meta box: “Disable tooltips for the page”, if you checked the “Disable tooltips for the page” check box, in this post, we will not add tooltips content from tooltips database automatically, even there are tooltips keyword in the post content.
  • Option for Show Tooltips to only one single category: you can setting show tooltips only in 1 category from a category dropdown, or show tooltips in whole site wide. tooltips shortcode is not limited so there are still have a chance to customize it manually
  • Keyword Matching Mode:you can select “Add tooltips to the first matching keyword in the same page” or “Add tooltips to all matching keyword in the same page”.
  • Multi positioning options: bottomRight, bottomLeft, topRight, topLeft, topMiddle, bottomMiddle, rightMiddle, leftMiddle
  • Options for only add Tooltips for specified post types: for example, you can setting to add tooltips only for post, page, and do not show tooltips for woocommerce product post type, and so on.
  • Automatic positioning: tooltip position is calculated automatically, also tooltips will not out Of screen, for example, if the tooltip word’s position is on the head of the page and some section of tooltip content is out of screen, our tooltip will shown on the bottom center of the tooltip word and tooltip content will be truncated or out of screen.
  • Unlimited number of tooltips.
  • Easy to add video tooltipsIn tooltips editor, We added ‘Insert video into tooltips’ metabox so you can insert youtube video into tooltips quickly, the youtube video will shown in the top of tooltips content
  • Import your tooltips from csv:our import function will detect duplicated tooltis terms autimatically, so you do not need filter and remove tooltips terms in csv file. If you need a sample tooltips csv file, please check the file “sample.csv” in tooltips-pro folder.
  • Multi browsers supported.
  • Easy to install: this is a Dim-witted system,no complex settings on back end,you do not need add any php code in your wp, you do not need to remember or insert any short code in posts, you do not need to change any css code, what you need to do is just active it and it will works well automatically, if you hope more customization features please just click your mouse and everything will be okay.
  • Easy to add wordpress tooltips: you don’t need to edit older posts because tooltips works automatically, just input the content in tooltip management page one time and it will works on all articles automatically, this is really cool if you have an older blog with lots of articles.
  • Easy to manage: In plugin setting panel, you can add / edit / delete any tooltips, you can add new tooltips categories, assign tooltips to categories, add image, video, audio, poll, links… and so on for each tooltips, you can trace each tooltips’ hit stats and you will know which tooltips is most popular in your site… and so on
  • Detailed documentation.
  • Assign tooltip to keywords: tooltip will be displayed for these keywords.
  • User-friendly: pretty dotted keywords will catch your readers eye and keep the style of your site and not harass your readers.
  • Mobile devices supported: our tooltip works well on Android, iOS,Tablet and other mobile devices.
  • WordPress standard TinyMCE editor: you can use wordpress standard TinyMCE editor to add/edit/delete text, image, song, video and so on
  • Support tooltip synonyms: you can enter all synonyms in tooltips editor in one time, and our tooltips plugin will detect all these synonyms and add same tooltips content for these synonyms automatically
  • Detect and fix your error automatically: Our plugin will detect what you filled in the customize style panel, if you forget input “px” for the width or “#” in your color, our plugin will still works well.
  • Hit Stats of Each Toolipts: In tooltips management menu, you can see how many hits for each tooltip, you will know which tooltip on your site is most popular on user side.
  • Multilingual: Support WPML (wordpress multilingual plugin), in WPML String Translation, you can translate each tooltips pro settings to your languages.
  • Glossary shortcode: it is very easy to use, just enter the shortcode [glossary] in any page or post, you will own a glossary system.
  • 5 preset Glossary stylesheet and beautiful color schemes:: Blue, Blonde, Dark, Red, Green, change your glossary template via one click in glossary setting panel.
  • Easy to custom Glossary style:: In Glossary settings panel, you can customize font size of glossary navigation bar item, font size of glossary navigation bar selected item, decide include or exclude numbers in glossary navigation bar, or you can hide the letters in the Glossary Nav Bar that don’t have any tooltips associated with them, i.e., where the number of tooltips is zero… and so on
  • Glossary support multi-language: English, Swedish, French, German, Finnish, Spanish
  • Glossary index page, SEO friendly: By default, our plugin will generate a powerful glossary index page at http://yourdomain.com/glossary/, you can change it to any your pages, just one click in glossary setting panel, glossary index page support page navigation, it is SEO friendly and help you get better SEO rank
  • Glossary term pages, SEO friendly: Each glossary item have their own glossary page, the link structure looks like this: http://yourdomain.com/glossary/terms1/ , http://yourdomain.com/glossary/terms2/ , it is SEO-Friendly
  • Easy to manage Glossary Pages: In Glossary settings panel, you can enable / disable glossary index page and glossary term links by one click,
  • Glossary Support Responsive : Our glossary works well on mobile devices
  • Glossary Page support list style or table style: you can use shortcode [[tooltipstable]] to generate a glossary page, this shortcode will generate a glossary which have two-column table, left is term, right is content of the term. Also you can use shortcode [tooltipslist] to generate a glossary page which with a tooltips list format
  • Glossary / Directory / List support multi-language: followed users requested, our glossary section support English, Swedish, German, Frensh, Finish in Directory, you can chose your language in optional settings now, if you hope our directory support your language, please contact us
  • WordPress Tooltips Video Tutorial: We are adding more and more video tutorials, you can find some of them at here:
    WordPress Tooltips Video Tutorial 1: Download wordpress tooltips pro plugin
    WordPress Tooltips Video Tutorial 2: Deactivate tooltips free plugin
    WordPress Tooltips Video Tutorial 3: How to upload and activate wordpress tooltips pro plugin
    WordPress Tooltips Video Tutorial 4: How to Create Your First Tooltips In WordPress Tooltips Pro Plugin
    WordPress Tooltips Video Tutorial 5: How to use 7 preset stylesheet and beautiful color schemes
    WordPress Tooltips Video Tutorial 6: custom tooltip box color, font, underline, Shadow… and more
    WordPress Tooltips Video Tutorial 7: WordPress Tooltip Keyword Matching Mode
    WordPress Tooltips Video Tutorial 8: Enable/Disable WordPress Tooltips for Images
    WordPress Tooltips Video Tutorial 9: WordPress tooltips for image setting
    WordPress Tooltips Video Tutorial 10: Import WordPress Tooltips From csv
    WordPress Tooltips Video Tutorial 11: WordPress Glossary Settings

    … and more

  • Lifetime Upgrades , Unlimited Download ,Ticket Support only $9, build a powerful and pretty tooltip and glossary system in 5 minutes

You can find a demo at this page: Tooltips Demo

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