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My script: rest your eyes per 30 minutes — eye health

In recent weeks, I always coding from morning 09:00am to the middle night 03:00am or 05:30 am, or let’s say coding all night, it make my eyes feel very uncomfortable, especially in the night, I have reduce the screen brightness as much as I can, but my eyes still feel very uncomfortable, I want to rest my eyes per 30 minutes, but I always forget it, actually in last weeks, I found I just do eye exercises twice, that’s not right, finally I decide use a few minutes to develop a little tool to notice me rest my eyes per 30 minutes, and it is Here

Eye Health is developed by python, you can use it like this:
python eyehealth.py -r 1800 -m ‘Rest your eyes’ -t 30

-r means recurring time, for example, you want rest your eyes per 30 minutes, that means 1800s/
-m means notify message, you can input anything, for example, ‘hey, sleep a while’
-t means how long do you want the notify window show in your desktop
-h means get help | usage of this tool, for example, python eyehealth.py -h

Of course, you can use
chmod +x eyehealth.py
and then you can call it as:
./eyehealth.py -r 1800 -m ‘Rest your eyes’ -t 30

Easy? Yes, this little tool help me protect my eyes, I am happy to share with your, what is coming soon? I want to let my brain have a rest too, so I am planning let it play my fav music too, once I have a time, I will release new version on my github, so you can play with me on github.

License? GPL3

Download EyeHealth

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