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Members Only Pro New Versions: Turn your site into an approved users only site in one second, support restrict home page too, Customized Closed URLs Restricts based on user roles… and more

Hi Dears,

I have released a few version of buddypress members only plugin in recent days, a few features in new versions:

Approved users Only Addon

if enabled this addon, when users register as members, they need awaiting administrator approve their account manually, at the same time when unapproved users try to login your site, they can not login your site and they will get a message that noticed they have to waiting for admin approve their access first, it looks like this:

After enabled approve user addon, all registered users need approved by site administrator manually, but Super administrator (user ID = 1) and users who have admin user role will never be settings as unapproved user, they can always login your site.After enabled approve users addon, you will find a new sub menu item — “Approve User”, in the “Buddypress Members Only Approve User Addon Setting” panel, you can approve all existed users as approved users by one click.

Also admin user can approve or unapprove any users at anytime, admin can find users approved status at wordpress standard users list page, it looks like this:

Unapproved users will be mark as red background, also If you move your mouse on users name at users list page, you will find Approve and Unapprove links, just click links, you will be redirect edit user panel, at the bottom of the edit user panel, you will find Approve User option, and you can approve or unapprove that user manually.

You can enable / disable buddypress approve user addon at anytime in addon manage panel

Customized URLs Restricts based on user role

You can use tags to build your Restricts roles to restricts Customized URLs pages — based on user roles, you can open specified pages based for some user roles, at the same time, you can close specified pages based for some other user roles.
For example, you can use placeholders / tags: %username% and %sitename% to restricts your customized URLs pages,
* For example: you can open https://yourdomain.com/members/%username%/forums/ for customer user roles
* For example: you can open %sitename%/family/%username%/ to family user roles
* For example: you can open %sitename%/%username%/questions to subscriber user roles
And at the same time, you can
* Close %sitename%/support only for user role customer
* Open %sitename%/product for guest user role
… and so on

We are adding more amazing features based on users requests, if you have any feature request, it is super welcome to tell us 🙂

Thanks, have a blessings weekend with your family 🙂

Best Regards,

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