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Free Mysql Server

Are there free mysql server on the internet?

A user ask me are there mysql servers free of charge, the answer is yes, of course, the amazing world have a few amazing guy, this is one of free mysql server — https://www.db4free.net/, Markus built a platform which allows users build and test mysql server free of charge, you even can test the newest version of mysql, in the current time, it is mysql 8.0.

It is very easy to create a free mysql server in one minute

Yes, it is super easy, just open this link: create an account for free , and typed

the MySQL database name, MySQL username, MySQL user password, MySQL user password verification , then enter your email address, you will receive email which tell you the mysql server is already for you! Quick and Easy, right?

It looks like this:

Just one minute, I create a 200M mysql database.

Please note, just like Markus said:

db4free.net is a testing service which means it is not suitable for production, There can be outages, data loss and security features do not meet the standards which you expect from a professional data hosting provider. If you need a MySQL database for production use, please do not use db4free.net!

Please don’t abuse their resource, it is great to help student, and many poor guys which can start their IT dream, If you like their free service, you can find the donate link at their sidebar. 🙂

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