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Hello master!

Happy new year!

Yes, i have a new problem ;D, the plugin stopped working from one day to another. It was working just fine yesterday, in the evening i installed google webmaster tools and google analytics (just because i can!) and today there are no tooltips popups.

The plugin is active and the tooltips are set. I am not that fond of coding so i didn’t really change anything but the border and the background color.

This is the guilty page http://www.hearthstoneaddicted.com/gvg-control-rogue/

Man, i’m going to purchase tooltips pro if you can resolve this problem. It’s like 500+ tooltips and it’s gonna waste me quite some time to create them again.

Thank you so much for your time.

edit: just tried to make a new tooltip, the word i chose for the tooltip gets underlined with dots but still nothing happens. I also installed seo for wordpress by team yoast yesterday.

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