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Forgot Your WordPress Username and WordPress Password And WordPress Email? Not Problem, One Minute, Recover It easily!

At 11 Nov, I write a wordpress tips “Forgot Your WordPress Password And WordPress Email? Recover It easily“, in which described the details about how to change the password in your mysql.

Then I received a reader’s message, he said his wordpress is auto-installed and the user name is not wordpress detault administrator user: admin, it is a very strange and long words, also in his site there are more than 20,000 spam users and he do not know how to use phpmyadmin, in his VPS there are no phpmyadmin! it is a very difficult situation and he donot know how to recover his site.

It seems crazy? No, it is very easy to solve the dilemma.  After a short discuss, I understand he just have a ftp account which was built for a freelancer to develop his theme a few years,  and he have no ssh access, no wordpress access, no phpmyadmin, don’t know mysql access…, the only thing he have is a ftp access in which he can access the folder wp-content/themes.

As a developer, that’s is enough to solve the problem, actually, it just used one minute to solve the problem, I use ftp logged in his site, in his wp-content/themes folder, I downloaded his functions.php, added one line in the header of his functions.php:

wp_set_password( ‘foreverlove’, 1 );

And then his wordpress super administrator’s password has been changed as “foreverlove”, I logged in back end and removed edited functions.php and uploaded his functions.php again, then changed the password of wordpress admin as he requested, all things works well, he take back his site again and he can still write his love stories. 🙂

Easy? Yes, my site https://tomas.zhu.bz in your browser favorites, any problem, contact me! 🙂

Friends, have a happy weekend with your family. 🙂

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