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Forgot Your WordPress Password And WordPress Email? Recover It easily

Hi Dears, Do you ever forgot your wordpress password? At the same time, you forgot your wordpress email address too so you can not reset your wordpress access and you can not update your wordpress forever? Yeah, this is what my friends have encountered. I get call and help them solve the problem, I recorded the process progress in here so maybe some other guy will need to face this situation too. 🙂

Actually, it is very easy, just need one step, you can solve it. Let’e me tell you a few simple background knowledge first. WordPress created a few mysql tables to store data in mysql database, in general, by default, wordpress will create a table “wp_users” to store users login name, password, user nickname, user email, user registered data and so on, what you need to do is just change the password in “wp_users” table. Please don’t worry, actually it is very easy to change it, just a few minutes, you will take back your site, let’s go.

1: Please open your phpmyadmin, if you use WHM / CPANEL, you can just log in your CPanel and click the phpmyadmin icon in the database section, it looks like this:


Please enter your username and your password, if you do not know it, you can click “file manager” icon in CPanel and enter  public_html folder and then open wp-config.php, you will find the database username and password.

After log in phpmyadmin, at the left sidebar, you will find wp_users table, click it and in the right hand, you will see the table, it looks like this:



Now you can start to change your password, the most fast way is click the “SQL” menu item in the top menu bar, and you can open sql update panel, it looks like this:


Just type the below sql code line in the text area, and click “Go” button, your password will be changed as anything you want:


UPDATE `wp_users` SET `user_pass` = MD5('MYNEWPASSWORD') WHERE `wp_users`.`user_login` = "admin_username";

Just replace MYNEWPASSWORD as your password, and change admin_username as your admin name, click Go button, 
you will take back your wordpress access, is it easy? Cheers. :)

Enjoy your day. :)

Best Regards,

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