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Please Upgrade to WordPress Plugin Members Only 2.3.6

Hey Brother!

I am happy to report you I have released a new version of buddypress / wordpress plugin — members only pro 2.3.6, please download buddypress members only pro at here 🙂

In this version our members only pro start to support restricts Buddypress notifications component based on a great user’s feature requests, and I fixed a little bug of restricts buddypress customized components,  also I tweaked a few CSS ID, and based on another client’s requests, we changed the name of css files and javascript files.

If you have any feature requests, please don’t hesitate to tell me, I will finish it quickly. 🙂

Thanks, have a blessings day with your family. 🙂

Best Regards,


WordPress Tooltips Allow Add Shadow For Tooltip Box and other 16 new features


Dear Friends, I have upgraded our wordpress plugins to 4.5.2, now in admin area,  you can settings to add shadow for tooltip box,

It looks like this:

Tooltips Style Customization Panel

Tooltips Style Customization Panel

You can download wordpress tooltips pro 4.5.2 plugin at download wordpress tooltip.

I  found in some versions of safari browser, they did not support a few features of Javascript ES6, this maybe caused a few problems on IOS devices, I have fixed the bug in wordpress tooltips 4.4.8.

Also I have added 16 new features for our wordpress tooltips plugin, you can find it at this wordpress tooltips article.

Thanks, have a blessings day with your family.

Best Regards,

Hi Dears, WordPress Plugin — Members Only 2.2.2 Released

Dears Friends,

I have re-developed our members only pro plugin, the new version is 2.2.2, in this members only version, you can restricts buddypress standard components based on users roles on your site, also you can protect your buddypress customization plugins based on user roles on your site too, the new UI looks pretty, check it:

You can setting which buddypress components opened for Non-Members / Guest users, and which buddypress components opened for logged in users based on user roles, for example:

1: You can setting allow Non-Members / Guest users only open buddypress members page, but they can not check buddypress members profile pages,

2: You can setting subscriber users can open buddypress members page and buddypress members profile pages, but they can not open buddypress messages pages.

3: You can setting paid members can open buddypress member pages and buddypress member profile pages, and they can not buddypress messages pages…

4: …. and so on

Also I have changed members only plugin’s logos like this:

And in this new version, our plugin start to use wp_enqueue_style to load css and use wp_enqueue_script to load js, it is better to follow wordpress and buddypres standard APIs.

Based on users requested, for speed up buddypress sites, I have re-developed the members only plugin to minisize js and css file

In this new version 2.2.2, based on users requests, we add more security features, for example, nnhance security to stop run our php script directly, and we disable list files in plugin folders directly to enhance site security

Please download and upgrade to newest version at your download page.

Our plugin is drive by user request, if you have any feature requests, it is super welcome to tell me at contact us,  thanks, have a blessings day with your family. 🙂

Best Regards,


WordPress Tooltips Plugin 4.4.6 Released, Added 16 features

Hi Brothers,

I have re-developed wordpress tooltips pro plugin, in the version 4.4.6, I added 16 features:

1: We added new Options for Enable or Disable tooltips in home page, some users said they have recent posts in home page, and in the home page, there are many tooltips, for keep the home page more cleaner, they hope do not shown tooltips in home page automatically, in this version, we realized this. Of course if you hope have ability to add a few specified tooltips in home page, you can still use Tooltips Shortcode to insert tooltips manually in the home page.

2: We added new option: Show Tooltips to only one single category, you can setting show tooltips only in 1 category from a category dropdown, or show tooltips in whole site wide. tooltips shortcode is not limited so there are still have a chance to customize it manually.

3: We added a new option: Change underline style of tooltips terms, in our prev versions, underline of tooltips terms is always use style “dotted”, now you have more choices, for example double line, dotted, dashed… and so on.

4: We added new option: Change underline color of tooltips terms, via color picker, so you can customize underline color to match your theme and color schemes.

5: Now you can import your tooltips from csv, our import function will detect duplicated tooltips terms autimatically, so you do not need filter and remove tooltips terms in csv file. If you need a sample tooltips csv file, please check the file “sample.csv” in tooltips-pro folder.

6: We added two new shortcode to support wiki reference style:
6.1: , you can use it like this: [1]

6.2: Also I think if you run a wiki site, you have too many posts need to edit, so I added a short shortcode to help the editors work faster, it have the same functionality of the short code , tts means tooltips, ref means reference, you can use it like this:

7: Added new glossary shortcode [tooltipstable] to generate a glossary page, this shortcode will generate a glossary which have two-column table, left is term, right is content of the term.

8: Re-develop tooltip and directory js files.

9: Removed a few functions which keeped for roll back when update to new version.

10: Clean the js path and css path on the head.

11: Fixed a few css issues.

12: Use wp_register_style to load tooltips css and directory css files.

13: Use wp_register_script to load js files.

14: Caller_get_posts has been deprecated, we use gnore_sticky_posts to replace it.

15: Clean code format.

16: Improved plugin English.

We have been developing a new wordpress tooltips plugin with a few new amazing features which users requested, if you have any new ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks, have a blessings day with your family. 🙂

Best Regards,

WordPress Plugin Announcements 1.7.1 has been Released

Hi Dears,

Based on user requests, I just released a new version of wordpress plugin Announcements.

WordPress Announcements is designed for help you manage multi-users who need login and working on your wordpress admin area, for example, if your site is have multiple co-author, or you have hired a few editors / authors working for you in wordpress back end, you need  tell your authors / editors a few rules or maybe you have a few task to them, by our wordpress plugin Announcements, you can show / edit / add / delete announcements / tasks in your admin area.

If user logged in your admin area, they will see all announcements first, if logged in users do not accept your announcements, they can not open any menu or links in your wordpress back end, the only page they can view is your announcements in back end. This will help you make sure your tasks / notes always be read carefully by your co-admin or co-author, also this plugin can help you show TOS or notification for any users when they logged in your back end.

In Announcements setting panel, you will can add Announcement title, Announcement message very easy, also if you just have a few notes which is not urgent and you do not want to force your co-author or co-admin to read this kind of message, we have an option to allow users view this kind of  announcement and do not need to accept the agreement, co-author can open admin menu or links always, co-authors can always open announcements menu to read them when they have a time, all these announcements will be stored in Announcements menu, co-authors will find all messages / notes you sent to them.


In new version1.7.1, we solved the problem of “The plugin generated 22 characters of unexpected output during activation”. If you have any new version More amazing features are being developed and any feature request is welcome. 🙂


Best Regards,






WordPress Tooltip Pro 4.2.8 released and feature introduction for tooltip shortcode

WordPress Tooltip Pro 4.2.8 released in February, 2017. I just want to thank all of our users that have been using WordPress Tooltip and have posted their problems and advices to help us continue to improve our plugin.

In WordPress Tooltip Pro 4.2.8, in order to satisfy the user requirement, we add the new important feature – Tooltip Shortcode.

Tooltip Shortcode help the users to use tooltip more flexibly, you can add tooltips to WordPress easily with the tooltip shortcode [tooltips].


Tooltips shortcode support text tooltips

[tooltips keyword="tooltips" content="Wordpress tooltips is an awesome plugin"]
Some amazing users requested that they want to add some tooltips which is not in post content, now we are happy to report you that you can use wordpress tooltips shortcode [tooltips] to add tooltips which is not in content of posts, or not in wordpress database.

Tooltips shortcode support image tooltips

[tooltips keyword='dolor' content='<img src="https://tomas.zhu.bz/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/path-1420605_1920.jpg >']
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis augue a neque cursus ac blandit orci faucibus. Phasellust nec metus purust. Mauris venenatis, sit amet ullamcorper suscipitt, tellus scelerisque ipsum, mattis blanditt purus est sed velit. Nulla tincidunt sodales est, dolor non vulputate sem pellentesque in.

Tooltips shortcode are also available in woocommerce, tablepress, MaxButtons, Easy Pricing Tables.

We will try our best to support more and more famous plugins.


WordPress tooltips works in WooCommerce Products
WordPress tooltips works on a button, this button generated by MaxButtons plugin
WordPress tooltips add tooltips in the table, this table generated by tablepress
WordPress Tooltips For Pricing Table




Buddypress 404s Plugin

Download buddypress 404s plugin from here: bp404s.zip

Hi Dears,

I released a new plugin — Buddypress 404s, this is description:

=== BP 404s ===
Contributors: zhuyi
Author URI: https://tomas.zhu.bz/
Donate link: https://tomas.zhu.bz/
Tags:buddypress, 404, BP_ENABLE_ROOT_PROFILES, template, buddyPress profiles, root, wp-config,error, profile
Requires at least: 2.0
Tested up to: 4.7.2
Stable tag: 1.0
License: GPLv3 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html

Fixed Buddypress 404 error when put buddyPress profiles in the root

== Description ==
Buddypress is great platform which have a lot of amazing features, for example, allow users put buddyPress profiles in the root, enabled this feature will  change user’s profile URL from https://mydomain.com/members/tomas/ to https://mydomain.com/tomas/, it is a great feature which make our site more user-friendly. The problem is when we enabled this feature, although in front end buddypress will manually redirect our users profile to https://mydomain.com/usersname/, but in back end we will find there are a tons of 404 errors, I traced these 404 errors and I found when users open a user’s profile or activity pagea and so on, buddypress will general a lot of 404 errors in back end, the number of 404 error is decided by how many users links in the activity page. I did a research and I found other guys have this problem but did not have a solution yet — https://buddypress.org/support/topic/bp-enable-root-profiles-produces-404-errors-2/, I am happy to share my solution in here and it is very simple(of course used my hard work days), hope this will help other webmasters who enabled root profile feature, that is a great feature, user-first, always. 🙂

<h4>How To Use:</h4>
This plugin is very easy to use, just download, activated it, no any setting work needed, all 404 errors will gone away. 🙂

If you do not know how to put buddyPress profiles in the root, it is very easy:
In your wp-config.php, add this line:
define ( ‘BP_ENABLE_ROOT_PROFILES’, true );

== Installation ==

1:Upload Buddypress 404s your site
2:Activate it
3:No any setting needed in back end.

1, 2, 3: You’re done!

== Frequently Asked Questions ==
Any question or feature request is welcome at https://tomas.zhu.bz/buddypress-404s/

== Screenshots ==

== Changelog ==
= Version 1.0.0 =
First version

== Download ==


Buddypress Angularjs Search Plugin

Download the buddypress-search plugin In Here

=== BuddyPress Search ===

Author URI: http://tomas.zhu.bz/
Donate link: https://tomas.zhu.bz/
Tags:BuddyPress,Search,BuddyPress Search,AngularJS,Angular, quick search,fast search, member, member search
Requires at least: 3.5
Tested up to: 4.7.5
Stable tag: 1.1
License: GPLv3 or later

A fast and light AngularJS members search plugin, when typing members name, show user list instantly in drop-down list, no need refresh member page

== Description ==

Buddypress Search is a fast and light buddypress member search plugin to help users search buddypress members more faster, users do not need click submit button to refresh the BP members page.
When users type buddypress members name, we will show related members instantly in a drop-down member list, the plugin drived by AngularJS.

Why I develop this BuddyPress Search plugin?

I designed a few large buddypress sites, some of them have complex functionality in buddypress member page, for example distance, online status, user videos, matching and sorting… and so on.

This means when users search buddypress members in “Search Members” search box in members page — yourdomain.com/members, after click the “Search” button in “Search Members” search box,
We need refresh the members page and users need waiting a few seconds and all functionliaty in members page will it wastes server resources.

So I re-developed the buddypress member search box to offer a fast search result.

When users search members, once he typed one character, we start to show related members with user links instantly in a drop-down box, this running fast and users do not need to refresh the member page.

Of course, users still can click search submit button to the get member lists in a search result page, if they want. All of your buddypress search functionality did not be changed, I just inject new functionality into buddypress default members search box via AngularJS.

Just like George Herbert said:

Bees work for man, and yet they never bruise
Their Master’s flower, but leave it having done,
As fair as ever and as fit to use;
So both the flower doth stay and honey run.
~ George Herbert, The Church-Providence

More amazing features are being developed and any feature request is welcome, I am happy to realize it. 🙂


WordPress Plugin to Trace 404 Errors

The 404s trace plugin  can be download at here

=== 404s ===
Contributors: zhuyi
Author URI: http://tomas.zhu.bz/
Donate link: https://tomas.zhu.bz/
Requires at least: 3.2
Tested up to: 4.7
Stable tag: 1.7
License: GPLv3 or later

When users redirected to 404 page, we will log referrers URL, IP, browser… and so on, to help you find the reason of Page Not Found

== Description ==

404s is a small and light and easy to use plugin which help you understand why your site generate 404 errors, when users be redirected to 404 pages, we will log users Referrers, IP, User Agent, date… and so on.

404s plugin will not trace bots, spiders, crawlers.

Why I develop 404s plugin?
I received a few users messages that say they can not contact me via ticket system, that’s strange because everytime when I try to open these pages, it always works well, so I guess maybe there are something different between my users and mine system(I working on Linux), so I develop this plugin to trace what difference caused the problem, and this plugin do help me solve the problem, I am happy to share it.

More amazing features are being developed and any feature request is welcome.

== Installation ==

1:Upload the 404s plugin to your blog
2:Activate it
3: You will find 404s menu item in admin area, just click 404s menu item, you can find all 404 records in a table.
1, 2, 3: You’re done!

== Frequently Asked Questions ==
FAQs can be found here: https://tomas.zhu.bz/wordpress-plugin-to-trace-404-errors.html/

== Screenshots ==
1. 404s Log Panel

== Changelog ==
= Version 1.0 =
* Spell out that the license is GPLv3
* Finished the first version
* General code clean up


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