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bbPress Plugin: Bbpress Login Register Links On Forum Page And Topic

Posted on date Sep-28-2014 · by author  · comments 12 Comments 

Hi Dears,

Thanks for using my plugin, you are welcome, any question is welcome, any requirement request is welcome. 🙂

Resource of bbPress Login Register Links On Forum Page And Topic

Description of bbPress Login Register Links On Forum Page And Topic

Bbpress is a great forum product, I used it build many forums, but in recent days when I build a site which focus the forum, actually the core of the site is the forum, and then I found the problem is there are no bbpress login link, bbpress register link, bbpress forget password links in bbpress forum index pages or bbpress single forum pages or bbpress forum topic pages, I try to find a solution, but I find in the current time, I had to put the forum login link at the widget or I had to tell users to how to find the log in link in forum topics. For webmasters, the widget is rare asset for some webmasters and the sidebar have no so many place to put a big log in widget…, for users, many of user/client is not good at forum scripts or web sites, and they have no time to find the log in link in your sites, the result is many of users just leave away from your forums, as a webmaster, this is not good because you used so many days/nights to build the site and offer the services, I think the most easy way is put the log in/register links in the forum pages or in the topic pages, for this reason, I developed a new bbpress plugin: Bbpress Login Register Links On Forum Page And Topic, it is very easy to install and use, just upload the plugin and active it, no any setting needed, you will find at the top of forum pages, there are log in, register and Lost Password links, if you use some log in plugins like theme my login which changed login/register links, the plugin will still works well.

How it looks? Please check screenshots:

1: Login link at the top of forum pages:


2: Login link at the bottom of forum pages:


3: Login link at the top of topic pages:


4: Login link at the bottom of topic pages:


I am still add more features for this plugin, any feature request is welcome, have fun. 🙂

Best Regards,

12 Responses to “bbPress Plugin: Bbpress Login Register Links On Forum Page And Topic”

  1. JAvo says:

    Hi Tomas and thank you very much for this plugin!

    One question: how can I translate the strings? I mean, is there a .pot or a .po file?


  2. annie says:

    Why is “User registration is currently not allowed.”??? What shall I do? Please advise. http://sorotech-my.com/?post_type=forum

  3. andy says:

    Hi, great plugin but for some reason teh search box doesnt display and the login and register links for teh footer are repeated twice, can you help

    • Tomas.Zhu says:

      andy » Hi Andy,

      Thanks for the message, I am sorry for hear this, if you check my site you will find all things works well, our links will not repeat twice, I guess maybe it is conflict that caused other plugin or theme? Could you please deactivate other plugins and theme for find out which plugin or theme conflict with the plugin? Thanks, have a great day. 🙂

      Best Regards,

  4. MacRR says:

    Hey, thanks for the great expansion pack. Can the plugin to translate into another language?
    If so, how does it happen?

    Bbpress Plugin: Bbpress Login Register Links On Forum Page And Topic

    Thank you

  5. Rhein says:

    Hi can you edit the login name to Logged in when the user is logged in some of them dont get it specially to those who are not computer literate. and redirect it to the forum page after login please?

    • Tomas.Zhu says:

      Hi Rhein,

      Thanks for the message, sorry I am not understand your requirement, could you please tell me with a little more clearly description? Thank you very much! Have a good day. 🙂

      Best Regards,

  6. gino says:

    dear all. i have a little problem with this plugin. I mean, it’s a really silly one: when a user does the login to the forum he’s automatically redirected to the website homepage and NOT on the forum homepage. How can I edit this?

    thank you in advance,

    Marco B.

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