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Office Prayer — Once you Enter your Office

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I cannot accept, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill today because they pissed me off. Also, help me to be careful of the toes I step on today, as they […]

Mysql Duplicate Entry

I developed AWS S3 CDN plugin which help users move their image, js, css, pdf… document to AWS S3, a friend request me install it on their site and do a little extra work, when I try to analyze their codes and settings in Mysql database, I found some issues: mysql -uroot -p’*******’ –default-character-set=utf8 wp_prettys […]

Young foreign women and men in the hospital

Just have a super busy week — my family have an operation in hospital, and I had to say the operation shake me, I just have a time to take a deep breath now. When I in the hospital, I meet a couple of foreign women and men, the Man looks a little off-kilter, and […]

bbPress Plugin: Bbpress Login Register Links On Forum Page And Topic

Bbpress is a great forum product, but there are no bbpress login link, bbpress register link, bbpress forget password links in bbpress forum index pages or bbpress single forum pages or bbpress forum topic pages, I developed a new bbpress plugin: Bbpress Login Register Links On Forum Page And Topic to solve this problem

Undegined function mysql_pconnect error in my crawler

Help a good guy customized a crawler, it works good on my server, but after send the source code to him, he said the script can not work at all, it is strange, I asked access of his server and did a test, it really can not work! I checked his error logs, in httpd […]

Search engine, Mysql, Ibdata1

Some months before I customized a search engine on my server and it works well, the problem is it “eat” each “G” on my VPS, last month I find a cheap server and move it to the new server, and then delete the database and busy for other things, today I decide to customize a […]

jQuery Directory Plugin

Hi Dear All, Support forum — jQuery Directory Plugin Support For my tooltips plugin, I developed a jQuery Directory plugin and I am happy to show it with all guys, you can download it at here: Download: jQurey Directory Plugin Demo/Screenshot: Also there are a screenshot of how it looks like: Usage: I have a little […]

My WordPress Plugin: WP-Ecommerce Postcode Shipping

This plugin provides postcode/zipcode shipping module for the WP E-Commerce system. You can easily add postcode shipping in wp e-commerce shipping tab, when user go to checkout page, users can specify shipping location in “Calculate Shipping Price” box

My Buddypress Plugin Buddypress Members Only

BuddyPress Members Only is a simple & quick & light BuddyPress Members Only solution, it allows you to make your buddypress only viewable to visitors that are logged in, you can just activate the plugin and finish a little setting in admin panel and it will begin the work.

My Bbpress Plugin – Bbpress Notification

Support Forum — BbPress Notification Plugin Support I have a bbpress forum which have many users, I answer question of my users, a problem is in some days when I check my forum, there are no user questions and in some other days if I do not check my forum,  I found users have question and […]

How to avoid wordpress plugin functions break your theme after upgrade?

A friend told me that he upgrade his plugin and then his wordpress theme show some errors “Fatal error: Call to undefined function functionname()”, his site messed up and he do not know how this happened, I added a simple functions and all problems solved.